About Us

Welcome to The Intentional Lifestyle, home of Fresh Start for Health – a community of people just like you!

We welcome you to Be Intentional, Be Healthy, and Be Whole in your life through our Eat*Move*Think FRESH program!  This community is made of people just like you, and you’ll quickly find that you are safe to grow, share and discover your own Fresh LIFE!

Here is more of what we’re about:

Our mission here at TIL is simple:

To provide the resources necessary to equip and empower today’s busy people to journey toward wholeness in the areas of body, mind and spirit by intentionally changing their lifestyle, one step at a time.

Our Philosophy

Here at The Intentional Lifestyle, we emphasize looking at the choices we make in our lives, and finding a healthy balance as we transform our eating, moving and thinking choices.

By focusing on these three areas in your life, you can greatly increase your health and vitality:

  • Mindful Eating  - Being purposeful about what you put in your body, choosing nutritious and whole foods is beneficial to your whole being.  Eating nutritionally whole foods (without having to shop at the specialty stores!) is possible, and ultimately the most do-able method to gain whole family dietary health.
  • Active Lifestyle – Intentional activity like physical exercise will achieve fitness for more than your body; it also strengthens mind and spirit.  Small, daily amounts of activity make all the difference.
  • Priorities Realized – We spend our resources and attention on those things we find most important.  What are your priorities in your life? Are YOU one of your priorities?  What about your faith, your family, your health, or your future?  Focusing on setting priorities in line with your life goals and dreams is how we define “finding balance.”

We invite you to move toward your best “balanced healthy life” with the help of the resources available here at Fresh Start for Heath from The Intentional Lifestyle!  We have articles, recipes, guides, a safe accountability community, and our own experienced in-house health coaching team.

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