Our Approach

The approach here at The Intentional Lifestyle is one that is whole-istic and faith-based.  Considering your whole being, we seek to meet the needs you have for great health and wellness of your body, mind and spirit through the most natural means possible.

Though everyone’s situation is as unique as they are,

we believe that diet, exercise, and priority choices directly affect wellness.

We are NOT a diet plan, fad weight loss idea, or promoters of any weight loss products – we simply share easy, everyday ways to get healthier and STAY THAT WAY for you and your family!  We do not focus on a big list of no-no’s, but rather, we empower you to create a healthy plan just for you!

A good plan is simple to understand, delicious and fun to follow,

and something that fits into your life instead of taking it over!

The food philosophies we live by in our own lives, and impart to those we are privileged to work with are:

  • Eat real foods - this means NO processed, fast, junk, and most packaged foods.  We eat WHOLE foods – plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plant oils, nuts, seeds, lean protein, natural flavorings like herbs and seasonings, and other bounties of nature (see the Mediterranean Pyramid for the whole picture.)
  • Cook/prepare your meals at home – as much as possible.  The more you cook and eat in your own kitchen, the more control you maintain over the food choices for your family.
  • Get educated – learn what is healthy, learn to read nutrition labels, learn to look past marketing in the industry for food and “health” products.
  • Healthy food should be delicious, filling food – long gone are the days of the endless salads, watery soups, and tasteless “diet” foods!
  • Be more and more intentional in our activity choices – by shooting for at least 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise every day, you will maintain your current level of health.  However, up that goal to just 45 minutes to an hour 4-5 days a week and you zoom past maintenance and into goal-meeting mode!


Realizing and respecting that each person’s unique situation affects their individual eating plan needs, we will always tailor coaching, materials and classes to meet those needs.  For those looking for guidance, however, we generally support the Mediterranean USDA food pyramid here at Fresh Living from The Intentional Lifestyle.  Over decades of research, observation, and studies, it has been discovered that the Mediterranean way of eating (natural, whole foods like fruits and veggies, lean proteins, plant oils, nuts, seeds, just to name a few basics on this plan) is a balanced, whole, and healthy way to eat.

It is also so important to keep family priorities in balance, and you’ll find many sources of inspiration and guidance in this area here at Fresh Living! Nowadays, families are eating together less often. And playing together, praying together, and even exercising together seems to happen even less frequently.  What are your priorities?  They are uniquely different for every family; however one key principle is the same for all of us: for a family (or an individual) to achieve healthy emotional and spiritual balance, TIME cannot be replaced with any other ‘shortcut’.

For the families our team members represent, being a family of faith has centered us.  We attend church together, serve in our community together, pray together, and even strategize through difficulties together.  This is something that has truly grounded us over the years.  We also try to eat family meals together often.  There is just nothing else as good as this for strengthening families – mealtimes DO matter!  You will find many articles, ideas, and recipes built on this idea alone here at The Intentional Lifestyle! In fact, we believe in this faith-based principle so much that our keystone FreshStart for Health program is built on Faith Based principles of family and individual balance.


For more information on the resources and tools offered here at Fresh Start for Health, from The Intentional Lifestyle, visit our “Get Support” page.

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