Budget & Eco Friendly Summer Vacation Tips and Ideas

Sitting on the beach after a long holiday weekend, I was amazed at how much trash there was. There were the usual beer cans and soda bottles, but all sorts of other stuff had been collected on the sand as well. It was stuff that the casual beach goer had just casually discarded over the weekend and left for someone else to clean up.

This really made me think of our summer trips and how much we consume or leave behind. Now granted we make an effort not to just casually discard our trash, but we do contribute to the carbon footprint of many locations that we visit during the summer months. Let’s take some steps to lesson our summer impact and make it a greener family summer.

We are lucky enough to have a season pass to a local amusement park. Because of wild life they have banned straws and lids for drinks. Your options are a paper cup or a plastic drink bottle. There are numerous recycle containers throughout the park to dispose of both types. This park also sells refillable containers. It is pricey for the first purchase, but after that it is cheaper than buying bottles of soda or water. We also fill them up before we leave home so we save money that way.

If you can’t buy and use these refillable cups, be sure to purchase something that is recyclable. I know that many parks and beaches now have containers for plastic and aluminum recycling. Avoid styrofoam and never leave anything behind. Anything that only has one use and needs to be thrown away should be avoided. Think of things that will last more than once and won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Save Money & the Environment with a Staycation

Spend the summer exploring the parks, beaches, zoos and all the great local flavor of your city. There are probably places you have never visited before and even if you have been there, chances are they are having summer events. These places are great! If you are a local you can often get reduced yearly passes to many places like amusement parks, museums, etc.

By taking vacations near home, you are making less of an impact on the environment (no long travel) and promoting your local economy. Money you spend at local attractions stays in your community. It pays local people’s salaries, taxes and a good deal of other benefits. Staycations are all the rage with the economy, but they can really make a difference.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite budget and eco-friendly vacation tips and ideas. Share them in the comments area!

Judith Davis

Judi is a certified holistic health counselor, and she understands the importance ofhow we choose to live firsthand!She knows that our choices impact our health and the health of those around us, so Judi created Natural From Home to offer natural solutions to help families have a healthier home and more productive life.You can find out more about Judi and her passion to be naturally healthy at www.naturalfromhome.com.

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