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This post is the first guest blog appearance by Nancy Olson, our Celiac/Gluten-free Living Expert here in The Intentional Lifestyle’s online community!  Nancy has so much valuable information to share with us, and she’ll be regularly doing so not only here on the website, but also as a regular guest on the Family Health Matters Radio Show, and in our Facebook interactive community, Intentionally Healthy.  Help me welcome Nancy to our Team of Experts, and feel free to get in touch with her here through the comments, or in our community!

Personal health check:

Whether you have a health condition such as Celiac disease or not, we all need to be reminded of our health and fitness and it is always a strong reminder in January.  So have you set some health goals for 2012?  Let’s take a look at what kind of small steps can boost your health and fitness goals to the next level:

You can step up your health by some of these simple changes!

1)    Speed up your metabolism with this simple tip: When out walking or jogging step it up a bit for just 30-60 seconds!  By adding this short sprint it will send a message to your brain for the boost it says “we just increase our heart rate” and it is called to action. This little tip will take you to the next level in your health and fitness goals!

2)     Are you limited to what you can do for exercises due to a disability? You may be able to still do these two exercises to reach your health and fitness goals:

A)     Doing squats!  At first you don’t have to go down that far.  It might be you start out with just squatting a couple of inches and doing that for 2 minutes.  You will then increase the squat distance and length of time you do this exercise.  If you can’t stand due to a disability but can move your legs you can do this by lifting your legs up closer to your chest to work those same muscles.  What you might not know about this simple exercise is you are working your largest muscles and that will boost your metabolism to burn more calories.

B)      Raise your arms! Sounds so simple and for the most part it really is.  This simple exercise is to simply take your arms from at your side to raise them straight above your head.   You can do this simple tip throughout your day a few times with 10 reps at a time.  What is the benefit?  Any time you raise your hands above your head it increases your heart rate which burns more calories.  Find a handful of times throughout your day to fit this exercise in to burn calories.  Did you know if you are chilled or feeling cold that doing this for 10-20 reps will change from feeling cold to feeling warm?  Adding in hand weights to this routine will have you loving this exercise – and it can be done anywhere!

3)      Change out some food for your health and fitness goals!  What can you change out for food for your health?  I often suggest to those with Celiac disease (but  it will work for anyone!) to cut out some of the starch carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates, especially gluten-free carbs, carry higher calorie count, sugars and fats to make them taste good.  Take a meal a day and cut out the carbohydrates and add in extra fruits and vegetables.  This will be important to you if you have Celiac disease, because once the body starts to absorb proper nutrition, it will try to save everything it can, and you could end up gaining unwanted weight.

These simple tips can help you take your health and fitness goals to the next level with only minor adjustments to your daily routine.

Please share in the comments below some changes you have made for your health and fitness goals that may, in turn, help someone else!

Nancy Olson

Nancy Olson is the Founder and CEO of Thriving With Celiac.She’s a writer, speaker, and coach to many who suffer in the areas of Celiac and gluten issues.She is on a mission to teach people about Celiac disease, gluten free lifestyle and many other digestive/nutrition-related illnesses.She wants those with this disease to THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE, and she now shares her advice with her readers, clients, and friends both at her website, and in TIL's community.

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