Meet Our Team!

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We are the visionaries behind this healthy community…

the heartbeat of Fresh Start for Health!

We work everyday to bring you simple doable steps to Eat * Move * Think ** FRESH!

Our heart’s desire is to provide you with the resources, training, accountability and encouragement you need to get you and your family healthy in mind, body and spirit!

We welcome you to share this journey with us, and look forward to serving you!


Bess Blanco -Lead Health Coach, Founder and President of Fresh Start for Health



In the roles of Health Coach, radio show host, speaker and author, Bess Blanco lives her dream daily! In every setting, from one-on-one coaching to small groups or large audiences, Bess’s heart for sharing empowered & freeing Eat*Move*THINK Fresh principles is crystal clear.

Bess has personally coached over 150 people of all ages and circumstances in small, doable healthier-life steps that have led to lasting lifestyle transformations. As she saw lives changing, Bess quickly she realized that this “small steps to lasting change” message must be shared with a wider audience.

As the author of the “FRESH Start for Health” system she’s now bringing these simple steps to a ever growing audience through the Fresh Start blog, her Ask Coach Bess video trainings and the FRESH Start Bible Study now taught in churches across the country. And now as part of the ongoing mission of Fresh Start to reach she’s created the FRESH Start Leadership Academy to empower health coaches to serve their community with the inspired message of Eat*Move*THINK Fresh.  

Her husband of fifteen years and business partner Juan, supports her wholeheartedly and together they are raising their four children with all the Fresh living principles Bess teaches.  In fact, her children are taste-tester’s extraordinaire of all the recipes and meal plans Bess creates for Fresh Start!  

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Together Bess and Arika lead an inspiring and dedicated team!

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Arika Lewis - Co-Founder & Executive Business Director

Arika pic 2Arika Lewis is a powerhouse business coach and mentor who’s mission to help others recognize and utilize the gifts they’ve been given by God is evident in everything she does.  After building successful businesses online and off, she has joined forces with Bess here at Fresh Start, bringing her unique knowledge and qualifications to the needs of this community as we grow.  Arika is also a writer, trainer and visionary dedicated to sharing the Eat*Move*Think FRESH principles with the world! 

Happily married to Jerry and mom to three wonderful kids, she has her hands full, and shares freely from a ready and willing heart!

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Lolita McNeal – FreshStart Associate Health Coach

Lolita pic 1As a passionate leader in the healthy living field, Lolita McNeal has been educating and encouraging others to make healthier lifestyle choices since long before it became a trend. Having been through her own significant weight loss journey, she is committed to compassionately help those she serves walk in the same freedom. Lolita is a strong prayer warrior, leading our team prayer calls and often bringing fresh truths to our Fresh Bible Study series.

Married to Eric & mother to three beautiful young adults, she lives the principles she teaches daily! Her heart is to serve and be an example of wholeness in every area of her life.

Lolita looks forward to getting to know you and helping you walk into your healthier life through this journey!

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Elise Adams – Growth and Development Assistant

Elise pic 1A lifelong passion for empowering others growth via professional organizing services, blogging, motivational speaking, small group leadership and online business development has brought Elise to us with wide-ranging gifts. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to the mission and message of Fresh Start. Elise has come through addiction recovery and a struggle with fibromyalgia and knows the power of Fresh Living principles to tackle depression & physical pain. She is managing our website, has been instrumental in redesigning our brand and always adds a fierce ‘can do’ spirit to our growth in all she does. As Bess has said, Elise is irreplaceable around here!

Married to Franklin Adams and mom to 4 children ages 18 – 3, Elise enjoys gardening, reading and singing in her church choir at her local Orthodox Christian church.

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Our yearly reFreshed retreat always refreshes, rejuvenates and re-energizes our mission!


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